Where is the Hope?

Martyr Square, Beirut, Lebanon

One year ago I visited Lebanon at a time of great hope and idealism. I conducted a Situational Tour with students of the Notre Dame University, and together we traversed the landscape to the north up to Tripoli, and then ended our journey in Beirut at Martyr Square. It was a time of possibilities, the Cedar Revolution, a new era for Lebanon. The pointless war between Hezbollah and Israel has ended all that. The dream is over (for now), as the foreigners retreat and the Lebanese resign themselves to rebuilding, if and when the fighting ever comes to an end.

Those students had the drive and determination to change the face of the Middle East. Let us hope they have the chance. The military powers never will.

Visit the Situational Tour of Lebanon on Resistance & Liberation Day, May 25, 2005.