Welcome to The Post Reality

In the Post Reality, there is no longer separation between that which is real and that which is not. – from The Manifesto for the Post Reality

Since completing A Season in Hell in 2010, I have expanded the quasi-autobiographical trajectory of my work with a new performance project, The Post Reality Show. The aim is to shape a darkly satirical self-portrait: the story of an artist immersed in the pursuit of impossible dreams amidst the realm of unlimited possibilities. In sum, The Post Reality Show embraces the wryly confessional and pseudo-documentary style of reality television. As a multimedia artist with hopelessly complex visions of grandeur, I reveal myself as a wide-eyed conduit to the insatiable media culture, exposing a fetish with technology, public exhibitionism via the social media, and the desire to share the minute details of my artistic process with anyone and everyone.

The synopsis of The Post Reality Show is as follows: after failed efforts to challenge the prevailing status quo in Washington, DC during the Bush years with the creation of a virtual government agency (US Department of Art & Technology), followed by a fateful journey into the Underworld of America to observe a nation teetering at the brink of the abyss (A Season in Hell), I return to my underground studio-bunker in Washington determined to take the next step, imploring: “Where in Hell do I go from here?”

I then grasp the significance of my journey into the darkness. I re-configure my studio as an elaborate stage set, replete with artifacts and souvenirs salvaged from the Underworld. I sculpt a Website as a high-concept database designed to index my every thought, dream, frustration, and creative act for future retrieval. With great aplomb, I author The Manifesto for the Post Reality, an ambitious call-to-action, in which I boldly declare: “The daily ritual of making art is made in front of and for the camera!” I am now ready to execute my alchemically-induced multimedia experiment for the post reality.

And so, The Post Reality Show launches on November 11th, 2011 (11-11-11) and the process begins: an infinitely expanding, instantaneous, distributed gesamtdatenwerk, nothing less, than my story for the world. Stay tuned!

The Post Reality Show Website: http://www.postrealityshow.com