we r no[where]

Screenshot 2015-03-18 21.57.01

As Jon Cates says so eloquently – “traveling as an artist across the expansive / expressive networks” – we are in fact in constant migration and transition through networked third space trajectories across an expanded sense of time and space. In this new cyberformance work by Helen Varley Jamieson, “w r no[where],” debuting next week at the Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium, she sends us off into a strange and mercurial journey into unknown networked space.

Together with students from my Media & Performance class, Helen has orchestrated a kind of alchemicalized journey that disrupts the space, fragments it, rearranges it: a live cinematic collage of broadcasted images appropriated from the interior of the School of Art, Design & Media @ NTU. It is the space rethought, not as linear movement, but rather reinterpreted into a choreographed surveillance system. But here, we are in control of the camera, the students wield them as instruments inhaling the space around them, gathering fleeting, transitory moments: the kind of ethereal sense of place we experience everyday on the network.

Are we no[where]? Are we now[here]? This fragmentation of reality begs the question(s), unanswered, dream-like, as we roam the expressive networks looking for some[thing], some[where]: as elusive and fleeting as the networked third space can be.