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BREAKING: Here's the text of The Democratic Coalition's House Ethics complaint against Rep. Devin Nunes for abusing his office and failing to recuse from the House's ongoing impeachment inquiry. #DevinNunesGotCaught


Watched nearly all 24 hours of the #ImpeachmentHearings. Exhausting, frustrating, and at times inspiring. It's not @realDonaldTrump who's on trial, it's the underlying core principles he has disrupted that the #framers imagined. Here are my thoughts...

@RepAdamSchiff asks: What is OUR duty here? A question of conscience for #Congress, @GOP and all of America. #ImpeachmentHearings

@RepAdamSchiff: THEY WERE SILENT! When @GOP turned their back on @realdonaldtrump when denied #Russian interference in front of #putin. Now they are indignant. #ImpeachmentHearings.

#NunesNonsense now closing & again incapable of engaging without unseemly layers of arrogance & attitude & disdain. #McCarthyism #ImpeachmentHearings

#impeachment exhausting but an essential glimpse into the democratic process. It is not just @realDonaldTrump that is on trial, it is democracy itself. #fionahill #DavidHolmes #rawhope

In short, Vindman was a deep subject matter expert, not a political person. And Hill was worried about seeing him being forced into those waters. (Castor elicits yet another damaging statement for the president).

Once again Castor has lost control of the witness. Hill is completely dismantling the suggestion she had a problem with Vindman and making clear Morrison had twisted her words. She was worried about Vindman's experience as she saw Ukraine issues become increasingly politicized.

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