TRUMP owns our Minds

President TRUMP — via the Republican National Committee — on January 15, 2018 released the winners of the his much-hyped “Fake News Awards.” – Bill Hemmer and Kellyanne Conway

TRUMP is fully in control of our heads. He is masterminding our reality. He is inside every one of us, like a virus that has penetrated deep into our consciousness, our souls. How has he done this? Simple. He owns the Media, and in turn, he owns our minds. TRUMP is the master of the Media Universe. He manipulates the chorus of pundits like so many puppets. No matter whether they love him or hate him. This makes NO difference to TRUMP. It is all about capturing and maintaining our undivided attention. Because every second they are talking about TRUMP, is another second he is burrowing his way into the recesses of our mental space. Even this post is yet another powerless reaction to XTreme TRUMPology – seductive, addictive, hypnotizing – you just can’t turn your gaze away. XTreme TRUMPology is a spectacular, burning wreck right down the middle of the information superhighway, which we are all colliding into simultaneously in one massive, fatal inferno.

And furthermore, as the coup de grace, TRUMP now embraces postmodernism as his own personal weapon of mass destruction. For him, there is no distinction between true and false, real and fake, fact and fiction. He embraces it all! He has deconstructed the finely honed intricacies of logic and reason and stirred them into a murky soup of the post real. He has stripped the flow of information of its context and perspective. ALL OF IT cleverly reduced to pure hyperbole through the constant and ceaselessly endless barrage of expertly crafted lies. TRUMP has interrupted our ability to discern the truth, to even listen to the rationale, let alone process reason, through the chaotic chatter, chatter, chatter of his machinations. He has an iron grip on the subject matter of our collective conversation, which is always, ALWAYS, about HIM. Every single scandal, lie, insult, revelation that we naively bring to light and believe will finally BRING HIM DOWN, alas, only serves to further strengthen his Grip on the Media. TRUMP has brilliantly removed the very oxygen from ANYTHING else that might be of importance in the world.

And so, we are all complicit in this demonic force. All of us, but particularly the Media, who amplify his cravings and reinforce his innate desire and insatiable megalomania to be in TOTAL control of the world’s consciousness. No small feat. But TRUMP honed his skills on thirty years of tabloid manipulation and reality television: fine-tuning his total command of celebrity culture. Now TRUMP is the Celebrity from Hell, he is a one-man, 24/7 reality television circus spectacle in which a single Tweet can reverberate and explode instantaneously in the global Mediasphere. It is entirely possible he can’t be stopped. There is no cure for this disease. There is no defense system powerful enough to withstand this kind of madness. There is no argument with TRUMP when there is no logic. There is no law great enough to overpower his anarchic lawlessness. And there is no democracy resilient enough to withstand his destruction of the Jeffersonian Dream.

There is only you and me, perhaps, garnering the strength and determination to tune him out. To turn OFF the Media. Create our OWN autonomous Mediasphere. That is the only way to topple him and take back control. Are we ready?