Hell is also where we are

Prayer Hands
Prayer Hands, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa OK

Hell is hell! it’s not an imaginary place… it really exists. It doesn’t belong to the Christian construction or the cosmology of Dante… it’s a real place that exists in the mind, or it can manifest itself here on earth as a physical reality. It can be all around us, it can swallow us whole. It doesn’t go away, it’s always there. It’s elusive and tangible. It can be a great source for literary inspiration or it can it eat us alive. It is alluring and it can scare us away. If we consciously decide to explore it, it can be mined for inspiration and wisdom. But beware, it is not a place to go without a guide, someone who has been there before, who knows the trappings, who knows the way. You can get lost. It is highly seductive and it will dance on your fantasies. You may never come back, and if you do, you’ll have quite a story to tell. That is, if you can find your way back up.