The Power of Virtualization


Yesterday I was interviewed on Acik Radyo here in Istanbul to discuss our initiative to reclaim the American Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. I discussed with the newly appointed Turkish Minister of Disinformation Sona Ertekin, the real changes and the real challenge to replace the old hierarchy and build free institutions in their place. This is difficult work, and through the US Department of Art & Technology, we attempted to undertake the daunting task with dignity and determination. We had taken tough steps to transform the Bush Administration and to crack down on anachronistic tendencies.

We see a new society where the artist is respected, where government information is freely appropriated, where a vigorous opposition to the status quo is welcome, and where new models are achieved through the power of virtualization and the suspension of disbelief. At the Department, we launched a new vision of a new America in which the ruling power would be dematerialized by the artist, and where freedom and social anarchy will be the birthright of every citizen.