The media FLOW that emanates from the Bunker via the Third Space Network is a study in information: excess, noise, beauty, comprehensibility, seduction, control, and systems management. The FLOW can be too much information or too little, and at times opaque, fragmented, complex, jarring, mesmerizing, translucent. We ask: how does the FLOW impact the nervous system, state of mind, intellect, and the sense of who we are in a world of constantly pulsating information?

I call my study, among other things, the FLOW, a living, breathing, ever-expanding, streaming, sculptural construction of the elements of all things electronic and digital. I am merely a conductor, or perhaps a switchman, directing and redirecting the torrent of information into the FLOW. My underground studio bunker is a control center, an elaborate patchbay, a musical instrument, a grand interface to the FLOW. As an artist, I ride the wave, holding on for dear life, because the undercurrent of the FLOW can be both seductive and deadly.

The entire experience of directing the torrent of the FLOW is dizzying, compulsive, over-stimulating. But I like to think of myself as a laboratory scientist, or perhaps a rat, absorbing the contaminants as research into their effects. Am I transformed through submersion? Have I attained some higher state of being? Am I now an addicted servant to the FLOW and its constant stimulation? These are critical questions I ask as I survey the technological landscape where the inhabitants are attached to their cellular appendages and literally absorbed into the FLOW like the walking dead.

But actually, I am not really a scientist (maybe a rat), but an artist. And artists takes risks, exposing themselves to the most dangerous substances in order to translate the sordid ills of the human condition into cathartic moments of shared experience. That’s one hell of a responsibility laid on the artist, but if you are worth your salt, you don’t even balk at the challenge.

Onward! The FLOW never stops. It has no beginning, middle, nor end, it is constant motion and this continuity is the form through which I approach and design the construction of the FLOW. On & on & on it goes as I contemplate the meaning of the continuous, the profound implications of a structure without closure.

The FLOW, a media-on-tap, always open, always on, always moving… forward.