The cult of precision

Clock_13.09.01-Main Output-15.26.31

There is nothing like being in time. Every musician knows the feeling. But perhaps even more interesting, there is nothing like having your being synchronized with the MASTER CLOCK, whatever that implies. As The Post Reality Show continuous to develop and morph and generate itself into yet another manifestation, today we are taking note, on this first day of the month, of the delight we take, collectively, in being synchronized  with the exact time. In fact, if you take note of the time of day from a computer, a smart phone, a tablet, or even a networked appliance, you can be sure you are perfectly in sync with the rest of the world. If there is a new form of global consciousness, it is realized in the synchronization of our clocks that derive their time from some GREAT BIG CLOCK in the cloud.

In the olden days of analog clocks, and even the not so distant past of digital time pieces, we could rest assured that time was on our side: that is, if you set your clocks a few minutes ahead, you would never be late. Or if you were so inclined, you could set it a few minutes behind in order to be fashionably late. This manipulation of time is becoming a thing of the past. When the newest digital fetish emerges with smart wristwatches, we’ll always know the exact time, a precision literally in tune with our bodies.

What does it mean to live by the clock that is never wrong, the clock that beats with every other clock tied to the network? It means you are assured of accuracy in your life, at least temporally, as you determine every action, every movement, every coordination to the exact tick. It means that your inner clock along with your computer or smart phone will be precisely synchronized, it means your heartbeat might start drifting to 60 bpm (beats per minute or one per second), whereas the norm is around 75 bpm. It means your body rhythm will be steady and certain, never drifting, never off, never out-of-time.

That’s right. We are becoming increasingly synced to the abstraction of time, just like we control our machines, we are now part of the machine, because we are always in-time. This is the (post) reality of the ever-present present, perfectly harmonized in time and space: there is no longer room for error. Perhaps it’s time to just sit back and surrender to the clock: forward, always forward.