The Complete and Total XTreme TRUMPological Shutdown of the Mind

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

As the TRUMP SHOW continues to embed its way into the consciousness of the government, the Media, & the People, a Brave New SOMA lulls us unwittingly into complete and total submission. It’s called Shutdown.

This is a shutdown not just of the government, but of the mind. You can only consume the 24/7, always-on, serial drama for so long until a kind of gentle sleep takes hold. With the incessant noise of punditry dissolving into a granulated hypnotic drone, the impotent chatter of lawmakers rendered as an endless loop of repetition, now, all that is left of the forces of reason is the dull roar of comatose.

It’s no wonder we’ve reached this state of SOMA Shutdown narcosis: we’ve been glued and fixated to the SHOW since Day 1, a continuously unfolding, uncanny display of scandalous plot twists: from outright racism to Russian collusion to lurid sex scandals to international money laundering & on & on & on.

Out of the constantly churning drone of the daily news cycle, our senses have dulled, contorted by incessant shocks of intrigue, to the point that we the People find ourselves glazed over by the sheer torrent of hyper-narrative excess: XTreme TRUMPology. It’s not at all difficult to comprehend the current state of Shutdown.

And it’s not just the government that has ground to a halt, it’s the collective consciousness of weary citizens who have simply and utterly been rendered helpless by the onslaught of this grand episodic display. The Master Showman of his epic post reality medial construction is riding high on the pure seduction of it all, now that he has us all firmly in tow, mesmerized by the inevitability of the next outrage, the anticipation of the upcoming & the unexpected, culminating in the sum effect of shock and catharsis landing knockout media blows on all parts of the body politic.

This phenomena perfectly explains the cause of looping explanations and vacuous reasoning emanating from the powers that be, held captive by TRUMP’s daily injection of poisonous SOMA. The debilitating drug populates the mind with a chaotic din of conflicting soundbites and illogical assertions. One simply can’t think any longer. TRUMP’s venomous mental projection, amplified by the media’s addiction to his every utterance, has casts a dark, omnipresent shadow over the psychic state of the nation (and the world), as we now succumb to a blob-like state of mental confusion. Shutdown.

Like a dangerous, cancerous virus that has metastasized from the brain on down, there is only one solution: surgical removal. If not, the prolonged caustic effects of XTreme TRUMPological penetration will be incurable, and gradually, gently, swimmingly, lullingly, we will all sail off into that good night.