The Telematic Spectacle of War


The War in Iraq is now entering a new phase, the telematic spectacle of war and the theater of diplomacy. The image of cordiality and warm, face-to-face congratulations is beamed out over tele-conferencing and live media, while the ongoing gruesome brutality of the battlefield rages on unabated. Fire up the cameras and transmit those perfect images of men in suits with their water bottles and shiny notebooks.

While the telematic spectacle is broadcast over Arab television, how many more angry Muslims are now racing for the Iraqi border to fight the War with Islam? When the Great Accomplishment is the death of Abu Musab Zarqawi (no doubt his death was timed as a prelude to this meeting of the leaders), rather than a mediation of the cultural issues and an understanding of the cultural splintering caused by American occupation, how do they ever expect to end the war?

The understanding of how cultures co-exist, vital to world peace, has been usurped by the spectacle of the telematic and the instantaneous image fired across the world. This is the truly lethal bullet.