A Taxonomy of Televisual Hypnosis

Here is brief a taxonomy of TV Graphics provided by John Dickinson from Broadcast Terminology. Thank you John for waking us up from our hypnotic televisual stupor!!

Full Frame Super

The FULL FRAME SUPER is full screen text that speaks loud and clear that yes, we are indeed LIVE and real-time, always-on, 24/7, in the ever-present-present of NOW.


In the continuously flowing media-on-tap, there is THE SNIPE, in which there is always something up next, another show, another program, another tv spectacle of all time.

Interstitial Clusterbuster

The INTERSTITIAL CLUSTERBUSTER is, in the ongoing non-stop juxtaposition of cacophonic TV programming, is a short segment that is broadcast in-between full length segments. Anything goes, no holds barred!



Up Next, up next, always something coming, coming, gone. The BUMPER (or PROMO) signaling the next installment of the relentless broadcast that burrows into our brains, deeper and deeper.

Station ID

STATION IDENTIFICATION, ladies and gentleman, where the Network Logo comes full force thrust into our eyes so there is absolutely no confusion as to who is confusing us.


A LEADER precedes whatever is next, which is just after what precedes it, which is after the thing that happened before, et al, et al. Onward it goes, the media torrent, never-ending, a continuous blitz to the mind.

Super Frame, Scroller, Bug, Banner, Lower Third

It all comes together in the SUPER FRAME, the graphical interface of information Overload. On the bottom you have the Scroller, the continuous flow of information that may or not be related to anything, or provide any meaningful context whatsoever. Then there is the Bug, here there are two, the one on the left for FOX NEWS and the one on the right for HANNITY. You wouldn’t want to mistake what is entirely mistaken! Then there are the Banners, two in the lower third, that information area where the narrative unfolds situationally. Then there is yet another Banner on top, in case you missed the point of it all. And yes, there is no point, except to utterly confuse the viewer and brainwash their mind.