The Straight Talk Express Rolls into Lynchburg


After John McCain labeled Jerry Falwell “an agent of intolerance” during the 2000 presidential campaign, the “straight-talking” “maverick” Senator rolled into Lynchburg, Virginia last night to prepare for today’s commencement speech at Falwell’s Far-Right Christian bootcamp, Liberty University.

Dr. Falwell extended the following olive branch:

Many have wondered if my invitation to Senator John McCain to deliver the commencement address to our graduating class at Liberty University represents my support for his possible run for the presidency in 2008. It does not. – Dr. Jerry Falwell

However, he continues in the Falwell Confidential:

The next election for president is more than two years away. Mr. McCain is the front-runner for the nomination and is the kind of conservative candidate whom I would have little trouble supporting.

Now that’s straight talk from the Religious Right, Dr. Falwell’s Morality Machine, preparing the base for the election of the next born-again President. Nothing but the truth!