The Statue of Liberation Through Christ


The Situational Tour: USA Bible Belt reached it climactic moment here in Memphis at the World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church. Pastor Alton R. Williams had a vision from God: save Lady Liberty! When he discovered the Statue of Liberty was based on the Babylonian Goddess of Ishtar, who symbolizes adultery and vice, he decided to carry out his own mediational action of radical transformation and remade the American icon into the Statue of Liberation Through Christ.

The torch has been replaced by a golden cross, gleaming across the suburban Memphis landscape; the Ten Commandments has been placed in her left hand, the crown representing the seven seas is now adorned with the seven names of God, and a sad tear streams down her face, symbolizing the joyous return of our corrupt, secular country to a shiny Christian nation.

This is not Photoshop, this is the essence of post-modernist religious appropriation from the Bible Belt.