Show Me the Way

Ramblin-Road-TripAt the invitation of Bill Fisher, the US Department of Art & Technology’s former Under Secretary of Southern Cultural Hegemony and Rural Visual Authority, we are now considering the third major installment of A Season in Hell, “The Baptism of Orf,” to engage the fundamentalist religious culture of the Georgia bible belt. In a ceremonial act of purification (following in the aftermath of Orf’s Immolation in New Orleans), we will conduct a ritual of purification through baptism, symbolizing the cleansing of sins of those who we declare are the Profiteers of Holiness (according to Dante in the Inferno). We look forward to the opportunity to work with former staff in Georgia to realize this crucial installment of our mission to embark on situational encounters in desperate regions of the nation to bear witness to perilous times in post-apocalyptic America.