REPORTAGE. I will report. That is my only recourse for action when true and false have collapsed in on themselves. Today, 2+2=5. There is nothing else to do.

REPORTAGE. Take back THE BROADCAST. Own it, absorb it, alter its meaning and context. Assimilate THE BROADCAST into my own meta-narrative, my own MOVIE. That is the way to challenge the collapse of the real.

REPORTAGE. I not only enter into and embed myself in the MEDIA TORRENT, I rule it, I take command of the FLOWS and all of its constituent elements of hypnosis and seduction. I do this by becoming THE HOST. Yes, as THE HOST of the Show, I transform THE SHOW, I rearrange its spectacular effects on my consciousness. It becomes MY SHOW, my aesthetic rules, my World of possibilities. All mine.

Through my continuous REPORTAGE, I will critically examine each and every moment of THE BROADCAST. I will conduct surgery on THE BROADCAST. I will ensure that the contaminants of THE BROADCAST are purified, sterilized, aestheticized, neutralized. That, is the role of the artist, to drive a wedge between the darkness and the light, to illuminate the darkness. One can’t be shy about these things, you have to be laser focused to burrow your way in.

This is only the beginning. There is SO much work to be done. I look forward to absorbing the FLOWS, no matter their content, no matter the danger, I embrace the DANGER, because it’s just a matter of time, if nothing is done, then the DANGER will become our everyday reality, where 2=2=5.