Reordering the Broadcast

Social Broadcast with Michaël Systaime Borras

“Operationally, the internet is the inverse of the Broadcast. Group conversation is replacing mass communication, and the social construction of realities is being decentralized and pluralized.” – Gene Youngblood

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al, would like nothing more than to turn us all into little television broadcasters, each on our own channel, beaming out to a captive audience, who WATCH. Now, I understand that social media broadcasting, such as Facebook Live, includes chat, likes, reactions, and all the rest of the easy push-button, prefabricated, emoticon Facebook responses. BUT SOCIAL MEDIA DOESN’T ALLOW THE CONVERGENCE OF OUR SOCIALLY-BROADCASTED SIMULTANEOUS STREAMS.

Randall Packer merged into Systaime’s desktop.

With conventional social media broadcasting, we can’t MERGE our streams, we can’t MERGE our screens, we can’t MERGE our desktops, we can’t MERGE our digital spaces. As a result, we must REORDER THE BROADCAST, merging our streams in the most socially provocative disorderly ways. It is in this spirit that we are organizing the #NeWWWorlDisorder project, my collaboration with French media artist Michaël Systaime Borras and 14 artists from around the world who have risen to the challenge: Annie Abrahams, Domenico Dom BarraViolette Bule, Cürt Clonïnger, Carrie Gates, Carrie Gates, Claudia Hart, Johann Baron Lanteigne, Daniel Pinheiro, Dominik Podsiadly, Bia Rodrigues, Craig Saper, Benji Blessing Sayed, Paul Wong.

Artists (left-right/top-down): Annie Abrahams, Domenico Dom Barra, Michaël Systaime Borras, Violette Bule, Cürt Clonïnger, Carla Gannis, Carrie Gates, Claudia Hart, Johann Baron Lanteigne, Daniel Pinheiro, Dominik Podsiadly, Randall Packer, Bia Rodrigues, Jackson Castiglione, Benji Blessing Sayed, and Paul Wong

In a world that is descending into chaos, instability, violence and authoritarian geo-political drama, it is critical we use the BROADCAST SPACE to form reality communities issuing LIVE messages, actions, and expressions that are decentralized and pluralized. For 90 minutes on 7-29-17, we intend to establish a Temporary Autonomous Network Zone (TANZ), a space of socially-broadcasted convergences and aggregation that elude formal structures of control imposed by the monolithic technology autocrats. A way to comprehend the magnitude and volatility of the #NeWWWorlDisorder is to participate in a non-hierarchical broadcast system of social relationships that concentrates on the PRESENT through the POWER of the LIVE simultaneity of artistic mediations emanating from our phones, microphones, cameras, laptops, desktops, softwares, and open src studios. It’s time to get to work :::

Randall Packer and the underground studio bunker in Washington, DC

#NeWWWorlDisorder is hosted by Randall Packer and Michaël Systaime Borras, a project of the Third Space Network (3SN) and SPAMM.