Reflections on the unceasingly perplexed state of humanity

Just a little more than three months from the 10th anniversary of September 11th, I reach into my vast media library of images and sound culled from my recent journey through the Underworld of America. I seize upon the last stage of my long descent to the desert floor, the bottom of America at 280 feet below sea level, where I filmed Orf (as in Orpheus) vanishing into the streaked landscape. Now that I’m back in the comfort of my underground studio bunker, on a hot sunny summer day in the nation’s capital, back in the flow of everyday life, drinking my morning coffee, I try to make sense of a world that appears permanently derailed. I have no solutions, no bright ideas, no earth-shattering revelations, only more questions for the next project. I guess the artist’s work is never completed. So, you might be wondering, where in Hell do I go from here?…. I ask myself for the 10,000th time. watch out, I just might stumble on something.