The Deadly SHOW

THE SHOW has turned dark, darker, like a storm releasing itself with a ferocity that upends everything in its path. Make America Great Again is that storm, it always contained within itself sinister overtones of racism and White Nationalism, intended to instigate a culture of hate, a rallying cry to rise up and restore “ethnic order.” THE SHOW, a Deadly SHOW.

The Inconvenient Truth

What Osama Bin Laden was to Islamic Terrorists, Donald TRUMP is to White Nationalist Terrorism. XTreme TRUMPology has replaced Islamic Fundamentalism as the reigning ideology of terrorism today. However, unlike the sleeper cells who responded to Bin Laden’s messaging from deep within his secret underground caves, the American sleeper cells are getting their cues from the White House. This is the real inconvenient, deadly truth.

Willful Ignorance

We start with a 3SN alert: we are moments away from the total collapse of reality. This will mean, ladies & gentleman, that we will no longer be able to differentiate between what is real and what is not. It’s been a long time coming, and here, on the Show, I want to let you know that TIME HAS ARRIVED. You won’t even know whether you missed this moment or not.

The New Abnormal

Just when you thought the televisual numbing of the body politic was a fait accompli, when the Continuous FLOW of XTreme TRUMPology has brought on permanent, political rigor mortis, there was a tiny sign of life today in the Halls of Congress. Robert Mueller, the consummate Good Cop, the model bureaucrat, penetrated (however subtly) the NewSpeak mantras of no collusion, no obstruction, no impeachment, total exoneration, and all the rest of TRUMP’s empty denials, by painting a damning portrait of the New Abnormal.


REPORTAGE. I will report. That is my only recourse for action when true and false have collapsed in on themselves. Today, 2+2=5. There is nothing else to do.