The Great Wall of America

“The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but the people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction… true and false… no longer exist.” – Hannah Arendt

Last night TRUMP appropriated the airwaves to stage the simulation of a speech in the real Oval Office to broadcast the performance of a faux crisis to those who have permanently suspended disbelief.

New Year’s Greetings from the Bunker

Greetings from the Underground Studio Bunker at Third Space Network (3SN) Headquarters in Washington, DC, where I would like to wish you a Happy New Year: if in fact, that is at all possible… In the dark, quiet, secure calm of the Bunker, on this eerily ominous New Year’s Day, I am coming to you from the Nation’s Capital while all is frozen in lockdown mode.

My New Year’s Message, my cris de coeur, is this: as we see signs of new life emerging in Washington, hang onto, or perhaps I should say CLING TO – raw hope for humanity rising – in spite of the non-stop, ever-encroaching ::: 24/7 MEDIA TORRENT & XTREME TRUMPological XCESS that continues to consume us each and every day.

The Broadcast Never Stops

…it flows on & on & on & on. The work is continuous. The studio is always (a)live: a reflection, perhaps a mirror of the non-stop nature of the Mediascape, that switched on electrical current circulating through the multitude of devices & network of thing of things: everything connected, wired, coupled to our nervous system so that we carefully & strategically avoid missing ANYthing. The Broadcast Never Stops.

An Ode to Madness on an Apocalyptic Xmas Eve

Ho Ho Ho. On this Xmas Eve, just go ahead and turn on the continuous Chatter Chatter Chatter of the Media and see what comes pouring out – roaring from the Depths – dark, abysmal, and beyond the jolly. It feels just like The End. There is a surreal sense of the Yuletide in the air, a wailing madness: not just the usual chaos, but something pitched deeply awry.

Impaled on the Artistically Designed Great Wall of America

The Wall, a symbolically explosive meme of all memes, goes back millennia as an insulating barrier intended to secure, protect and divide. Whether it’s the Great Wall of China, the City Walls of Paris, the Berlin Wall, or even Pink Floyd’s demented Wall of the Mind, today, each has become a remnant of conflict and division: crumbling, decaying artifice of human separation.

Composing THE MEDIA

For the past twenty-five years, I have inserted myself into the artworld@large as a composer of media. Long ago abandoning the guise of musical composer (for me, that designation reared its head as a giant anachronism), I have applied the techniques and manipulations of musical time to organize and control all forms of media. Even those elements of life and material and events in the world that situate themselves far outside of any specific media categorization, fall neatly within the domain of my practice. This method of composition in the current rendition of my work now lends itself not just to the idea of composing with media, but more forcefully, as an act of confronting the (dis)information we digest each and every day: Composing THE MEDIA.