Orf Comes to Washington

Orf Comes to Washington to Bear Witness

The poet uses a language neither living nor dead

I returned to Washington, where the End was here and now. Orf arrived as my guide to bear witness to grave and deteriorating conditions, to transgress the boundaries between life and death. Orf comes from the Other World, he is a poet, he sees the world through different eyes. Orf doesn’t know fear, he wanders through trajectories in space and time.

Day 1: Orf arrived in the Nation’s Capital today and began his spectacular vigil to bear witness in these times of crisis.

First stop, National Airport, where he invoked 9/11 and the tragic ascent to the heavenly spheres as the chariots rose with terrifying speed into the skies.

And Orf sang out amidst the thunderous roar:

I’m sometimes up, I’m sometimes down
Coming for to carry me home.
But still my soul feels heavenly bound
Coming for to carry me home.

(excerpt from A Season in Hell)