The Dilemma of no Separation

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There is little that separates us from the digital information that emanates from the screen. Through close, unfiltered contact with the millions of colored light rays that assuage and soothe the senses, I’m sure those artificial impulses are flowing undaunted alongside our neurons. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing: in fact, it’s a glorious realization, especially for those of us who have experimented with expanded forms of perception.

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However, only I find the experience satisfying in the sense that I no longer pay attention to the content. Who cares? The real content is in its transformation, because there is no doubt that too much attention to the meaning of media will drive you mad or hypnotized or worse. I have discovered that by pulverizing the subject matter for what passes for information, I am able to enter into post reality conditions energized and ready for more. The news and entertainment and politics and reality tv is simply too distressing to stand back without challenge.

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If they think I am going to tolerate the incessant repetition of the spectacle as it is delivered in bite sized triggers via all the media, they should think twice. The penetration of personalized advertizing worms its ways into our every Web page: there is no escape, except to appropriate and transform those nasty annoyances into artistic renderings that dazzle the senses and stimulate pleasure where there was once mindless agitation.

As the media spectacle penetrates the senses, its representation inseparable from the real world, we must take charge, we must use our digital devices to fight back and subvert the message through its alteration. You will find this pursuit endlessly entertaining, if you haven’t already gone senseless.

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