The Media Torrent


In my open source studio, information courses as I hang on for dear life to regulate the tap. This is not theory, to be hashed out in some academic exercise, no, these are the scientific results of my laboratory experimentation: situating myself inside the ongoing RUSH of the pixels, shifting patterns, and electronic signals that make up the daily menu of our media intake. Don’t be shy, it’s actually quite beautiful if you stop trying to shield yourself from the dizzying madness of the flow. Here I reveal the torrent of substances that course through our veins each and every day as we engage in the speed and velocity of cybernetic activity.

I invite you to sit back, enjoy the visualization and feast your eyes on the media torrent.  Don’t think about it too much – it’s not THEORY! – it’s just pure visual enjoyment until your neurons have had quite enough.

7-9-14_torrent-00001 7-9-14_torrrent-00001_2 7-9-14_torrrent-00001_3 7-9-14_torrrent-00001_4 7-9-14_torrrent-00001_5 7-9-14_torrrent-00001_6 7-9-14_torrrent-00001_7 7-9-14_torrrent-00001_8 7-9-14_torrrent-00001_9 7-9-14_torrrent-00001_10 7-9-14_torrrent-00001_11

And if you reached the end, you can now turn it all off, until you turn it on again, off again, on again…