A Man of God, Gun & Government

Copies of the Koran, images of Hezbollah’s leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, and pictures of missile launchers on a desk in a Beirut refugee camp.

Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, uses religion to inspire his followers to fight until death, with a guaranteed spot in heaven. His movement holds 14 seats in the Lebanese parliament, one of the largest blocs. He speaks of Islam not as a simple religion including only praises and prayers, but rather as a divine message that was designed for humanity, that can answer any question people might ask concerning the general and private life.

“Islam is a religion designed for a society that can revolt and build a state.” – Hassan Nasrallah

When military, church and state coalesce into a single form of unified expression, it inevitably becomes an expression of destruction answering only to God.