Digital life in the bombed out fast lane


Who exactly is Dr Boo Boo?

(Via Google Translator) We are in the near future, DR BOO BOO diagnosed “psychopath schizoid numeric anarchist” singles flight and exile. “They say” DR BOO BOO is nomadic, it is no longer truly human, he met many artists, and never sleeps two consecutive nights at the same place … The only thing that is certain is that able to capture every month 5 minutes from permanent flow that DR BOO BOO transmits his hospital Crew a video poem reintroduced events where competing news asleep;. rich images and sounds newspaper, meetings, scenes of everyday life … a dreamlike journey between discoveries, claims, fascination and glamor!

Today while perusing across the net for data visualizations and other forms of networked art, I discovered the digital speed monster: Systaime AKA Michaël Borras. Amidst the usual clouds of information and data sniffers appropriated by artists to activate generative forms of aesthetic visualization, this machine-like, rapid-fire data-inspired saturation of information flow is a dazzling departure from the status quo.

Screenshot 2014-04-24 14.17.06

Our contemporary experience of pixelating-glitched-out-fast-cut mediaplay is captured in full force by Dr Boo Boo. Just as Alvin Toffler predicated some forty odd years ago, that life would continuously accelerate into a highly granular fragmentation of everyday life, this work has been furiously animated as though Bruce Conner had collaborated with William Burroughs interviewing William Gibson all while partaking in some kind of speedball cocktail.

Screenshot 2014-04-24 14.21.02

This uncertain flow of things brings into focus (or blur) our fascination with all things glitchy and low rez and disturbed and malfunctioning. Media and its endless gradations of artifacts are so embedded in our state of consciousness that we have come to enjoy the sheer explosion of our neurons firing to the beat of four on the floor. We are surprisingly soothed by pixels firing against the unsuspecting retina or the diffusion of noise circulating through our eardrums. Never mind that the force of all this electronic motion must certainly be reshaping our perception beyond recognition. So who cares?

Screenshot 2014-04-24 14.21.04

Perhaps the state of things might reach acceleration at some point such that we can no longer concentrate on anything beyond the burst of a sound or a flash of light flickering across our screen in a brief momentary nanosecond. Contemplation will be but a distant memory.

Dr BOO BOO disclaimer:

(Via Google Translator) DR BOO BOO meet Jeremy Bailey, digital artist, A Bill Miller, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Systaime artist, journalist Denis Robert, Nico Kanto, Morganne, Lawrence, Eric, Lilliane, John, Jaqueline, Julien William, Quentin DR BOO BOO … wonder what we did before the internet, what the Internet has changed our lives? Is that digital art has its place on the market for contemporary art? Otherwise what do you think of the Copyright?

Watch the video: