Just the Right Amount of Wrong

Screenshot 2014-03-22 19.30.39

The decadent, buzzed-about launch spot hinted at all sorts of curious misbehavior happening inside the Cosmopolitan—slyly tempting an adventurous psychographic of people seeking experiences, not just amenities, to finish the stories with a visit. – Tim Nudd, Adweek

Is this the language of the future? Has the speed and velocity of the message been compressed to a maximum limit of 1 second (or less!)? Are we in such a constant state of attention deprivation that we can only digest information in highly fragmented, granulated doses? If you study this ad for the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, you’ll experience a glimpse of where our cognitive functionality is headed:

This language of the future is intoxicating, gripping, and entirely manipulative: burrowing deep into our mindset…

Break the mold! Push the boundaries! Live outside the box!

… this ad pleads to the viewer to release every ounce of unconventionally flowing through their bloodstream. Of course all in the name of Las Vegas hyperreal, commodity-driven, uber-spending, and excessive pleasure.

Yes! That’s it: the rapid-fire, machine-gun stutter effects activate your never endings and your pleasure-synapses in the ultimate quest for the turned-on lifestyle. And perhaps, this blast to the nervous system is nothing less than the very essence of the everyday media life we live in the blazing fast lane of the high-tech post-reality.

We are blitzing our neurons so quickly, so sure-fired, that we may just find the right button to induce just the right amount of wrong.