Judgment Day

SLUG: NA/GRANDJURY DATE: 10/28/05 CREDIT: Bill O'Leary CAPTION: Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald and SAC Philadelphia Jack Eckenrode announce their grand jury findings at a press conference at the Justice Department. Pictured, Patrick J. Fitzgerald. StaffPhoto imported to Merlin on Fri Oct 28 16:59:03 2005
Photo, Bill O’Leary

Prosecutor Fitz (Patrick Fitzgerald), has delivered his judgment: Scooter has been indicted for perjury, obstruction of justice, and following the Boss’s (Cheney) orders to bring down a CIA operative. This guy is tough, like ice…. he looks at every detail, he doesn’t miss a thing. Karl (Rove) the “Architect” is still in his sights though, he’s next.