It’s Over but it’s Really just Beginning

Here in the Desert, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, but it’s really just beginning.

There should be a sense of danger, subversiveness by sheer involvement. Hell should be a place where we really can change the world. The artist studio becomes the spectacle, immersive.

The Underworld rises up from within the studio, like a plant that germinates from the seed, sprouting limbs everywhere, enveloping the artist, surfaces all around, like the rising moon, which casts its light, the nocturnal, the sunrise, brings the light of day, the mind at rest, but the night is about agitation, disturbance, re-arrangement, displacement. 

Where did Orf go? What lies “beyond the mountains and the shores,” beyond the desert, a new place, something beyond words.. to go to the place that is beyond words. Dig deeper into those non-verbal spaces.