It’s Only Soldiers Burning

ATTENTION EDITORS - VISUALS COVERAGE OF SCENES OF INJURY OR DEATH A British soldier (background) prepares to jump from a burning tank which was set ablaze after a shooting incident in the southern Iraqi city of Basra September 19, 2005. Angry crowds attacked a British tank with petrol bombs and rocks in Basra on Monday after Iraqi authorities said they had detained two British undercover soldiers in the southern city for firing on police. Two Iraqis were killed in the violence, an Interior Ministry official said. REUTERS/Atef Hassan
REUTERS/Atef Hassan

The War rages on… a soldier in flames… could there be no end to this madness? When British forces attack Iraqi soldiers, while under siege from Sunni insurgents, who are battling Shite militants, while under occupation of the Americans: is anyone winning?

It’s every man for himself in this land of the forgotten, where soldiers burn and no political rational can possibly justify the human destruction that has reached the ultimate depths of Hell.