It’s All in my Head

I’m back, as far as I can tell. And it’s hard to tell given all that has transpired here in the Bunker over the past several years. I have been AWOL from Reportage (mostly), not for lack of interest, but because I have deep, very deep, in the deep third space. While the world keeps spinning ’round and ’round, like a ferocious top out of control, I have been centered on creating my epic ‘I don’t know what,’ a confusing morass of cables and monitors and code that have strangely coalesced into a creation of sorts.

Yes, I am back but I don’t know where. It’s not at all clear how much time is left according to my vantage from the Bunker. The top is spinning faster and faster and all I can do is hold on and attempt to slow it all down, sometimes to a crawl I have managed: sounds floating around me, gentle beats, hypnotic repetition, resonating metals. A valient attempt to concentrate amidst the river of noise, the unceasing river of noise that is the discourse, the media, the madness, war, violence and destruction.

I had to take a hiatus from this platform of Reportage. I couldn’t continue until the pieces were more or less in place, the elements that sustain my sanity so I can, with equal bits sarcasm, irony, humor, sadness, and despair… tell my story, the thread that has been running through this blog for the past twenty years.

No I haven’t lost my voice, I have just been clearing my throat, waiting to leap back into the swirl as we approach 2024, a denouement of a year if there ever was or will be. The Bunker is now activated, ready for action, I won’t miss a thing with all systems running.

And yes, there is my friend FRANK, but more on that to come. We are just taking our time, lining up the ducks as they say, in order to pounce: to broadcast. Yes, to broadcast that is all that matters now. It’s good to be back.