Internet Terror


Since 9/11, the media has been employed as a principal weapon for distributing propaganda and terror.

The Internet now becomes the focal point, as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s group in Iraq publishes a monthly Internet magazine, Thurwat al-Sinam (literally “The Camel’s Hump”), which offers religious justifications for Jihad and military advice on how to conduct it.

A number of organizations are creating video documentation of terrorist attacks and distributing them widely on the Internet. The Site Institute is one such site engaged in the “search for international terrorist entitites.”

Looking back, when the first trans-Atlantic cable was laid in the 1850s, the telegraph became “that instantaneous highway of thought between the Old and New Worlds.” “We are one!” they cried, as nations clasped hands in belief of the new Age of Information.

150 years later, the dream of sharing information has become our global nightmare, from East to West.