Are We Losing the Info War?

Alex Jones, host of InfoWars

If you are wondering how TRUMP maintains a position of power in light of his post-apocalyptic mythical Valhalla awash in daily scandal and eternal flames, the answer is simple: there is an information war waging furiously between opposing ideologies, each feeding into its own bubble. On the left, you have pundits such as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews dissecting the legal ramifications of Robert Mueller’s eventual take down of the TRUMP family operation; and on the right, you have the conspiratorialist Alex Jones’ InfoWars or hot-headed FoxNews host Sean Hannity issuing what is truly – fake news – painting the Justice Department and the FBI as a coup d’etat initiated by a TRUMP-hating, Clinton-loving rigged system: that is, what Steve Bannon refers to as the “deep administrative state.”

Each partisan faction resides in their own world, their own reality, convinced they will eventually be rewarded with their own divine justice. But what happens when one side (the right) operates without moral direction, primed to win, at any cost, willing to let go of any ethical standard, i.e. supporting Alabamian Roy Moore despite the credible allegations that he has engaged repeatedly as a sexual predator of underaged minors. And then on the other side (the left), the Democrats have brought about an orchestrated take-down of Al Franken, their sacrificial lamb, who despite a history of alleged sexual incidents, has, as a senator been a strong proponent of women’s rights. The people of Alabama are about to cast their vote for Moore or Democrat Doug Jones, many of them throwing their so-called Christian values to the wind, just to maintain a Republican majority in the United States Senate.

If Moore wins the election, it will be because the Democrats lost the information war. This is because you have TRUMP, Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, et al, saturating cable news and social media with a 24/7 continuous torrent of disinformation. In fact, the White House has issued the extraordinary rationale behind Moore’s support: that because he didn’t admit to his sexual crimes, whereas Al Franken did, Moore is the innocent one. Apparently, the moral quest for truth, honesty, and redemption has no currency when you can win the info war with denial, distorted lies and crafted deception. The Washington Post’s current tag line, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” rings frighteningly true in light of this corrupt argument, a death blow of info-poison that strikes at the heart and soul of our vulnerable democratic system.

The greatest threat to America right now is the information warfare that reveals the diminishing moral strength in those who have responsibility to lead, and which in turn erodes the ability of those who have the responsibility to participate by voting their conscious. What is going to happen when the mother of all info-battles erupts should Mueller indict TRUMP & family. This mighty battle, waged in the theater of communications media, is going to take a heavy toll, and in the end, it may be a bloody war we are all going to lose.