Induce an alchemical transformation of the senses

Having spent way too many hours in my underground studio in preparation for The Post Reality Show: TALK MEDIA!, I have begun to think of myself as an alchemist of the post reality, composing hypnotic pulse waves to set the tempo for some provocative conversation. Perhaps this is my way of sublimating the hypnosis that emanates from the mass media every day. Who knows? But with the debut of the show just a few short weeks away, I”ll soon see if I can concoct a few golden moments.

The creative process down here is becoming a little psychotic at times, but that’s all right, we’re going for something new. As Marshall McLuhan announced some 50 years ago, “the new media and technologies by which we amplify and extend ourselves constitute huge collective surgery carried out on the social body with complete regard for antiseptics.” Ouch. But that’s the idea of the show: the inducement of transformation, change, or as the “mediatition” Peter Lunenfeld described in this pertinent statement: “Alchemy is an act of falsification, between the danger of knowledge and the promise of power: a coded grail of transcendence.” Artifice may be the operative word in the hands of the artist.

That, in a nutshell, is my view of the role of the artist and the role of art, and why I have hidden myself away in the bunker for the past several years to create my very own 21st century alchemical laboratory. I hope you’ll join me down here for the ride. I assure you, it will tickle the senses.

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