High Fiving the President of the United States

While the political wars rage on here in Washington, for an evening a truce was declared and everyone took a moment off from slinging insults to slinging jokes (which is pretty much the same thing). Everyone was fair game: Romney, Palin, Secret Service, press, etc., and even big fat slobs like Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich gaffawed at the obesity slingers. All in good clean, dirty fun of course. Yes, even gridlocked, post-apocalyptic Washington loves a good laugh, especially with all those surgically stylized movie stars jazzing up the Hilton Hotel (incidentally the site of Reagan’s epic shootout).

So laugh-machine Jimmy Kimmel spread the nasty cheer around the room until nearly everyone, particularly such easy targets as Lindsey Lohan and Kim Kardashian, was strafed with comic fire. Of course Mitt Romney was the centerpiece of the show: his now famous dog-on-the-roof fiasco was transported to the roof of Air Force One in a pseudo attack ad created by the Obama Comedy Super-pac. Ironically, this was probably the most effective political ad of the year. (Note to political strategists: comedy is a much more powerful weapon than fear mongering.)

And so it goes, Jimmy Kimmel received his life-long payback wish to a high school journalism teacher, who had warned the young Kimmel his wackiness would get him nowhere, as the comedian defiantly high-fived the most powerful man on earth.

If Washington is a joke, it’s better off when it gets it.