Going Over the Precipitous Edge

NA/IRAQ  LOCATION: WASHINGTON, DC  NEG:  maram CAPTION:   President George Bush reacted to questions concerning his handling of the war in Iraq — at the White House Wednesday, July 12, 2007.

“Headlong fall… perilous… thrown down… violent hurry… excessive suddenness… descent. ” – Oxford Dictionary definition of precipitous

The menace of the 21st century is not the quagmire of Vietnam in the 1970s, it is the precipitous fall of America’s descent over the precipice into the Abyss, where we continue to plummet. Yes, this is no quagmire, events move at the speed of cable news, before they expire in the 24-hour news cycle, only to re-emerge as new catastrophic particles hurtling through time and space.

No one knows where it will all land, but one thing is sure, the consequences of the actions taken by those who brought us down will be judged, and will be waiting for them at the bottom.