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I am a video vessel. I tell stories about media and its effects. I use myself as an electronic carrier in order to get up close to the transmission and examine its contents. Unlike a monologue, I don’t speak alone, I speak through video, or perhaps better stated, video speaks through me. In this sense I am vessel for the transmission of the electronic signal, passing through me to fulfill the purpose of the narrative. Without the signal there is no story: the story begins and ends when the transmission commences and then ceases its flow.

There are many elements to the videologue as a medium for telling stories and exposing the conditions of media far and wide. Equal to, if not greater, there is the audio signal, sound, the musical dynamics of frequency and amplitude and pulse that activate the transmission, gives it life and warmth. Without sound video is cold, almost lifeless, mere pixels or scan lines flowing across the screen and radiating as light. But sound introduces emotion, breath, feeling, and a sense of purpose. Sound is the momentum of thought emerging, infusing the videologue with energy in time as it infiltrates the senses, stimulates nerve endings, activates synapses and neural trajectories in the brain.

You might be wondering: so what is the videologue, anyway, and where is the story? Where is this going? Does it lead anywhere? It is this: it is in the transmission of the telling, the totalized broadcast of color, light, sound, and word. It is beyond verbal, it requires attention to all the elemental properties of the medium.

I am nothing less or nothing more than the antennae for the transmission.