Every moment presents itself as a situation, to be expanded into a comedy

Artists from the Mars Pavilion in Futurist constructions attack the American Pavilion at the 2005 Venice Biennale

The moments when the most extreme, far-flung forms of situations occur, are when you are looking, paying attention, prepared to capture the moment in its bizarre juxtaposition to the reality at hand. The construction of a situation is a spontaneous event, born from the desire to see the world in its strangest possibilities. But you need to be ready, it requires a lifetime to prepare to face the moment, otherwise, it may pass you by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, the world has changed and you missed the whole thing.

But there are times when the artistic process requires momentum, camera loaded, you set out to capture whatever fleeting glimpse of the something beyond the ordinary presents itself. And it will. In the life of the everyday existence, we are blinded by normality, blinded by our reluctance to look up, because something is always happening all around. Reality is a tricky thing: it can seduce us into a state of withdrawal from expectation, from uncertainty, from surprise, in a continuous mode of assumption that one moment simply follows the next. But it doesn’t work this way… really. Every moment in time is a disruption, that is, if you allow yourself license to the rupture. In the course of action, your state of mind requires you to be be awake, alert to the possibility that something, extraordinary, is about to jolt you out of the stupor.

Artists are lucky this way. We are looking for trouble, we expect it to happen, and we find it. We are, at our best, faithful to the notion that in the breath of a second, reality is struck down by the course of events, unfolding, when we are willing. It is this unfolding situation of the moment earned, which tears us away from the doldrums of the real and catapults our senses into the realm of the comedic. It is here, in this rarefied air that we realize everything is possible. Anything at all.