Who is Dr. Boo Boo?

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Who is Dr. Boo? Everything that is ridiculous in all of us.

And so on and so on… as it all unfolds in my collaborative mediaplay with Systaime Alias Michaël Borras: Dr. Boo Boo #3 Sound Good. This collective exchange of détourned disruptions captures the blitz of our short-attention-span media bedazzlement.

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Never satisfied, always searching, constantly appropriating, madly traversing whatever crosses our screen at a given moment: this is the narrative of our time. This feeding-frenzy is contrasted by the ultra-slow rhythm of my quiet commentary in the studio bunker, strangely contemplative, always sarcastic (but true) ruminations on net-consciousness, net-mentality, net-madness. And yet, my bunker is anything but a place of solace, it is the mis-en-scene for conducting the audio-visual torrent that passes through my appropriation machine.

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So returning to the question of who is Dr. Boo Boo, it is clear that he is the child-poet in all of us who views the net as a playground for phantasmagoria, a disorientation of the senses, a theatre of the absurd. I urge you to sit back with a bottle of Absinthe and enjoy the show and take Dr. Boo Boo’s advice: let the delirious stream of appropriations wash over your ears and eyes – don’t even try and catch your breath – as you take the obligatory ride through the turbulence of the Internet:

Avalanches of water in the midst of a calm,
And the distances cataracting toward the abyss!
– Arthur Rimbaud, The Drunken Boat