Don’t Let that Fear Thing Get You Down


At the World Overcomers Outreach Ministry Church (WOOMC), they put on quite a show, a real production, it’s Sunday morning and it’s show time… Paster Astor Williams steps up to the podium in a long flowing robe and belts out a bellyful of rockin’ gospel, while the chorus shakes and wails behind him. The crowd is whipped up into a real frenzy, people are running around the stage, hands are thrust into the air, everyone is hugging everyone, it’s a spectacle of religion on steroids. It’s a high time and there’s no room for doubt in this room.

Never missing a beat, the Paster launches into his sermon on Fear, or as he calles it: False Evidence Appearing Real…

“I’ve got angels watchin’ over me… fear not, I’m witchya, yeah, I’m witchya, and the greatest fear of all is goin’ to Hell…”

But no worry, that will never happen so long as you’re all paid up at the WOOMC.