DJ of the Talk Show


Sitting at the master control of my studio, peering out through the window of my screen, I rapidly articulate whatever it is I have to say. It  must be delivered as quickly as possible, because in this day and age, there is no time to waste. Everything and everyone moves at the speed of light. No time to even catch your breath. Breathing is a thing of the past. Life in the digital speedway is a race to the finish, except there is no finish line, except the grave.

And so, given the urgency and speed of life (as I see it unfold), I have become the DJ of my very own talk show, The Post Reality Show, which is, a medium where I can say whatever needs to be said in whatever form the moment requires. That may sound complicated, and it is. Articulating the urgency of the moment, never catching a breath, requires a degree of media dexterity that is unprecedented. The artist of the moment (never mind the future), must light the flame from all ends of the electronic spectrum, or else be extinguished.

Now what in the world is a talk show, anyway, in the 21st century-information-stream? Well, if you really want to know, the talk show has become a feed, a torrent, a rush of pixels, traveling not over one channel, but multiple, endlessly, reciprocally in all directions, many-to-many-to-many forms of viral communication. Where once upon a time the talk show host might have leisurely broadcasted into the willing minds of a captive audience, today the talk show is an instantaneous, layered act of multitasking across a bundle of channels: speaking, listening, responding, exploding a thousand ideas and thoughts simultaneously to anyone and no one.

This is precisely the language of the digital native, and if you don’t speak that tongue, you won’t be heard. And for whatever it’s worth, one must be heard, no matter the cost, if you expect to host your own talk show.