Desert Return

It’s not over… until I die, and then it still won’t be over, it just goes on and on and on…

The blur, between what’s real and what is not, except it’s all fiction. Play with life. Play it like a musical instrument, with pleasure, not too seriously. But with the total embrace, fearless, unself-conscious.

Live the life on stage, perform the life in the world. With total abandon.

That was it, now it just needs to be unpacked! To dig deeper, that strange otherworldly place between reality and fiction, the imagination and the world, humor and tragedy, laughter and tears. Pure poetry. Loaded with irony, contradiction, absurdity. The richness of irony. Now.

To draw in a larger world, that is the question. Keep it moving. Never stop. Always going. Always on. Like the politician. Do they ever stop? Always going, always on.

The work is the catalyst for igniting. Purgatory. Transition. The show. A remix. A vehicle through which to make sense. The telling and the foretelling. In the studio, the studio brought to the stage, the stage brought to the studio. The artist naked after the experience. Improvisation. Composition.

The striking of a match in order to clear the smoke. A Stream of consciousness, non-linear, irrational. The place, aspired to and the place unimagined until a pure creative energy, the burning, the light from the flame.

Everything adheres to the Total Art Work: Performance, identity, communication.

Next identity: the Artist?