The Curtain Comes Down on New Orleans

The Keepers

The Great City of New Orleans, where music prevailed non-stop up and down Bourbon Street, where jazz was born, where funerals were once accompanied by the syncopation of wailing clarinet solos, where riverboats chugged up and down the Mississippi, horns blasting, where the pungent smell of jambalaya filled the air, where local hipsters sat at all hours of the night at Cafe du Monde, where drunken college kids stumbled down rain soaked summer night streets with Hurricanes sloshing in plastic cups, and where voodoo dolls and Mardi Gras masks lined the windows of storefronts…

This magical city, like no other in America, that gave back so much back to the culture, has been destroyed, washed away, not just by Katrina, but by the forces of misjudgment, revealed so strikingly by the sight of tens of thousands of poverty-stricken blacks left behind, stranded, in the Great American City of New Orleans where the curtain has just come down.