Crushed by Truth

Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman arrived on Capitol Hill on Oct. 29 to testify in the House impeachment inquiry of President TRUMP.

This is the SHOW, the Episode, the Installment of XTreme TRUMPology he never scripted. The SHOW has now moved beyond control, as TRUMP is systematically crushed by those willing to risk everything to tell the truth. All he has left is the suspension of disbelief, as Loyalists who attempt to defend him drown in a sinking quagmire of toxic disinformation in their last gasp to hang on for dear life to the illusion of power.

What is now unfolding in the chaos of the TRUMP SHOW is the steady drumbeat of a parade of foreign service officers, State Department officials, diplomats, and civil servants, marching to Capital Hill to spill the beans. In the post real landscape of TRUMPian Washington politics, in which truth has become an increasingly rare commodity, there is a sense of Raw Hope in the air, that America is not dead just yet, that truth might possibly prevail over this dangerous slide into despotism.

Yes, this was not in the script, TRUMP was supposed to crush the Deep State, erode the bureaucracy, drain the swamp, purge corruption, in a branded, memetic, clarion call to the Deplorables that he would make “Make America Great Again.” But in the greatest of all unintended ironies, TRUMP’s cheap marketing campaign drew all the Deep State Patriots out of the so-called Swamp: those tireless, virtually nameless, under-the-radar defenders of the last vestige of truth in TRUMP’s Washington, who have reared their collective head like the creature from the black lagoon to crush the President with the facts.

It’s a sight to behold, a riveting challenge to the XTreme TRUMPological stranglehold on the operations of government normalcy. The coterie of rogue couriers of US foreign business who have infiltrated the White House and infected diplomatic relations, are now under impeachment scrutiny from the House of Representatives. Raw Hope. Will truth prove to be more powerful than the TRUMP SHOW? Will we survive the current 24/7 always-on toxic torrent of disinformation coursing through the body politic that has shrouded democracy in a televisual haze?

The battleground is set, America is at war, and the greatest of all weapons is truth.