Crash and burn in feverish disinformation

The real challenge of the post reality project begins: placing appropriated, remixed cable news footage on cable news. Has anyone dared? Is it legal you might ask? Imagine Bill O’Reilly stuttering under the control of my VJ software, synced to loopy techno-pulsations, my voice vocoded, as an ad on Fox News! Well, here is the test piece I just sent to Viamedia for approval, advertising central for the RNC cable network here in Washington, DC:

This is the art of infiltration, like a virus, you cleanse the system by penetrating it and working your magic from the inside out. I relish the idea that the coterie of pundits here in Washington will think they have had a few too many cocktails when they switch on the news. Since the news is already a hallucinogenic nightmare, it might as well be counter-propaganda with a devilish twist.