Cheney Compound


Today the SITUATIONAL TOURS began with a visit to the Cheney Compound and surrounding Naval Observatory in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, DC. Terror strikes in the heart of the Secretary-at-Large. This was probably the most difficult mission, encircling the highly fortified bunker, with multiple checkpoints, roaming security, surveillance cameras hidden in trees, and a barbed fence that is surely electrified.

We begin the Tours by engaging in critical espionage, getting in close to these forbidden places where our politicians live and rule the world. It is dangerous, it is risky, but it is a duty I have taken on, as a resident artist in the nation’s capital.

Through my eyes, you may get a closer look at the government-in-action, not through the monocular lens of the mainstream media, but rather, through our own unique brand of reportage on the aesthetic edge.

Inside-the-Beltway: Critical Espionage