Bridge Between The Living and the Dead

Date:  Oct. 7, 2005 Slug:  me-burial assignment #  173242 Location: Arlington National Cemetery  Photographer: Gerald Martineau Summary:  Vietnam War Multiple Burial Cereemony caption:  A bugler plays taps at memorial services for 12 members of the Armed Forces, one Green Beret and 11 Marines, who died in Vietnam in May 1968.  StaffPhoto imported to Merlin on  Fri Oct  7 13:51:06 2005
Arlington Cemetery, Photographer: Gerald Martineau

Each day, new souls pass from the Known World to the Other World. The Office of the Bridge Between the Living and the Dead at the Arlington Cemetery must perform this rite of passage each and every day.

Death welcomes them with this passage at the Gates of the Other World, spoken by the French poet, Jean Cocteau:

“Life is a long death… this is a no man’s land. Here are men’s memories and the ruins of their beliefs.”