Beyond the Edge of the Real

Perhaps this descent into a digitalized chaos, this immersion in the Torrent, this need to bathe in electronic particles that swirl around me, is my way of coping with the forces of XTreme TRUMPological Xcess that casts a dark cloud over us all.

I have been experimenting for years in my underground bunker with the alchemical properties of the TRANSMISSION. After my adventure in the Underworld of America, some years ago, I have never been quite the same, an impossible yearning had come over me to take on the ills of the world. I have always felt it’s my solemn duty as an artist to never give up, to head into the challenge, to go deeply and sometimes treacherously into those dark places of the human condition.

But the darkness has never been quite so threatening as it is NOW. Our grip on reality is at stake! We have entered, all of us, wittingly or unwittingly, aware or not, into the post reality. We have gone well beyond the edge of the real into the heretofore unimaginable dissolution of boundaries that lie between truth & fiction.

As an artist of the third space, I am at home in this lost horizon of the real, the endless vistas of fabrication and alternative facts. Not that I find solace in this predicament we find ourselves in, but I am ready and willing to descend, to navigate the surreal, the bizarre, the horrifying, the dangerous seduction of this nowhere place, a place without definition, a made up world, far, far far from the world that we knew, that is, the known world, the one we have left behind. This is my story as I plunge headfirst into the chaos, this abandoned reality, without constraint.