It’s All in my Head

I’m back, as far as I can tell. And it’s hard to tell given all that has transpired here in the Bunker over the past several years. I have been AWOL from Reportage (mostly), not for lack of interest, but because I have deep, very deep, in the deep third space. While the world keeps […]

The Metadesigner

“We need a new practitioner, who does what I call ‘metadesign.’ They create context rather than content.” – Gene Youngblood When John Cage conceptualized the Musicircus in 1967, his performance instructions were the following: “For any number of performers willing to perform in the same place at the same time.” That means that when he […]

Welcome to the Metaverse

Over the past two years, I have taken a hiatus from posting on this blog. It has been a furious period of pandemic production. The world never saw it coming, but I did. I had been preparing for this moment through my daily excursions into the third space. This is my home: the nothingness and […]

TRUMPology as a State of Simulation in the Post Reality

In the era of TRUMPology, it turn out that the essential substance of the phenomenon isn’t populism or ideology or even authoritarianism, it is the suspension of disbelief (and beyond), through performance, illusion, simulation, smoke & mirrors. TRUMPology is a state of mind, a spell cast over the land of The Deplorables, a place we call, in its total detachment from reason and logic: the post reality.

Life in the TRUMP Zone

Welcome to the TRUMP Zone. If the pandemic weren’t enough of a global catastrophe, add to that the abandonment of the real, of truth, of wisdom, of science, of logic. All the tools required for human preservation have been deconstructed before our very eyes, forcing us to hang on for dear life in a twisted reality, now known as the TRUMP Zone.