As I Sink Even Deeper into the Hypnosis of the Media Torrent

A thousand threads of pulsations + fragmentation course through from the Machine. All around + over + under, it seems to travel onwards and outwards. Sudden bursts of pure mediated energy resounds from deep inside of somewhere or nowhere from some unknown place in the ambient space.

Ah, but it’s nice like this. Endlessly stimulating, mysterious to No END. A constant Shock to the system, fantastic colors of sound + medial fragments well up and bathe, yes, they bathe all over me. Dreamlike. Seductive. Always pleasurable without meaning or context, in fact, the FLOW has been stripped bare of its original intent. WHAT INTENT? Now, there is what seems to be NO INTENT, just energy radiating from a source who knows where, or who cares where or when or whatever.

As I sink even deeper into the hypnosis of the Media Torrent, it occurs to me that this drifting has a kind of power, pushback, reaction to the mechanisms of CTL that attempt to keep us constrained + tamed… but here in this ambient space I have created out of the FLOW, it all seems – set free! –, spiraling into new dimensions, free, yes free, always free, that is all that matters in this little excursion I am taking through the DRIFT.