An Ode to Madness on an Apocalyptic Xmas Eve

Ho Ho Ho. On this Xmas Eve, just go ahead and turn on the continuous Chatter Chatter Chatter of the Media and see what comes pouring out – roaring from the Depths – dark, abysmal, and beyond the jolly. It feels just like The End. There is a surreal sense of the Yuletide in the air, a wailing madness: not just the usual chaos, but something pitched deeply awry.

The disturbing jolts to the Political System we have all become accustomed to have swung way out of control: well beyond the daily Bombshells, the fluctuations of the Markets, the sudden withdrawal of troops, the Government Shutdowns, environmental destruction, broken promises, predictable lies, and the Tweets, yes always the Tweets. We’ve already grown used to this kind of disfunction and disinformation, it’s something else, something beyond all that.

It’s something quieter and more menacing. It’s as though the constant chaos has melted into a reverberating, droning mass of haunting lullabies with nothing in particular to latch on to, nothing really to argue with, nothing that truly stands out, it’s just all completely Wrong. It’s as though the light of humanity has switched off, impossible to restore, as we quietly go plunging in a massive slide over the edge.

The problem is actually quite simple: among those supposedly driving this bus, those who operate the levers of power, there’s nobody at the wheel, no one in charge, no one with their eyes on the road. They’ve all checked out, they’ve all left town, except for the Mad King himself, who dances about the White House channeling lunacy with every pointless Tweet. Yes, that’s it, no one is driving, we’re on auto-pilot headed for nowhere: down, down, down. All the needles on the dashboard are spinning wildly and erratic, and like the Market slide, there is only one inevitable place to go.

So yes: Ho, Ho, Ho and a Merry Xmas. As the Mad King has the last laugh, delivering one Show stopping, epic Grand Finale for the ages, we have to admit we saw it coming, save the Republicans, who are busily gnawing on their Xmas turkey: content and oblivious. But no matter, I say, what a Show, what a display of America’s Greatness, what a glorious gift to the world, the ultimate Xmas Miracle, as TRUMP sings the Fat Man’s song at the top of his lungs, showing us precisely, masterfully, how it’s done.